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OPHS Top Ten's
Class Reunion Spots
Country Music Artists
Dance Clubs/Discos/Bars
Disc Jockeys
Fast Food Joints
Favorite Songs
Grocery Stores
Movie Stars
Movie Theatres
Pop Music Artists
Radio Stations
School Skipping Destinations
Shopping Destinations
TV Shows
Top Ten Signs You're An OPHS Alumni
Weekend Destinations

Welcome to the OPHS List of Top Tens

The list of Fav Places and Things to Do During Your High School Days at Orange Park High School.

Vote on your favorite movies, songs, burger joints, TV shows, radio stations, shopping destinations and even submit a proposed list of Top Tens for consideration!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to cast your votes. Send your votes for the listed categories or send us a category idea via email at PLEASE INCLUDE THE DECADE AND CATEGORY FOR YOUR VOTES. DO NOT  send information in an attachment.  Attachments will not be opened. *Note* Due to the increasing number of inputs, and not wanting to leave anyone out, we will not limit the listings to a number of 'ten' where it is determined that more items should be included.

70's Lava Lamp