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OPHS Top Ten's
Top Ten Signs You're An OPHS Alumni


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Top Ten Signs You're An OPHS Alumni
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Top 10 Signs You Went To Orange Park High School Before the 80's

* Your favorite holiday of the year is Halloween, because the colors are Orange and Black.
* You believe there is only room for one group of Raiders, and they are in Orange Park, Florida, not Oakland, California.
* You remember when Milwaukee was a dirt road; Atkinson's Pharmacy and the A&P at Milwaukee and 17
* The chicken farm next to the school property
* A fast food joint next to the school was just a fantasy
* Nothing across Blanding from the school but Jim & Janell Powell's house

* You are familiar with the wall where smokers convened.
* You remember when everyone wanted to work at Publix, because it was a new store.
* You remember when Orange Park Mall had only 5 theatres and that was a really BIG deal!
* Huntley's Grocery Store (yes, this is BEFORE the Jiffys) at the corner of Kingsley and 17
* Wilford's Grocery Store at the corner of Doctor's Lake and Kingsley

* You know what Open Lunches are.
* You know the church where smokers gathered in the morning
* You remember when Wells Road was a dirt road.
* You remember the General Cinema Twin Theatres across the street from OP Mall where Toys R' Us now stands.
* The VERY narrow rail bridge over Doctor's Inlet; there was just a blinking light at Kingsley and Blanding.
* You were one of the brave souls who went in the Monkey Farm on Kingsley Ave

* You remember when Villiage Cinema was the only theatre in town.
* You know where Ronnie Van Zant is buried.
* You remember when Blanding Blvd had only two lanes and no mall.
* The whole high school 7-12, for Middleburg to OP, was in the 3 or 4 rows of classroom buildings right at the corner of Kingsley & Blanding
* The Lion's Club dances