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Batman Chronicles
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Welcome to "The Batman Chronicles", a website dedicated to the "Batman" television series.

On "The Batman Chronicles" we'll include everything about the popular television series, including episode reviews, cast biographies, a photo album of my favorite pictures from the show, and more. Batman can be seen currently on TV Land at 4 and 4:30 a.m.

My affection for this show is possibly directly related to the fact that it premiered on January 12, 1966, my 6th birthday. During "Batman's" initial run, I was it's biggest fan who almost never got to see the series. The local affiliate that carried it was a UHF channel and UHF was new at the time. None of my family's TV's had UHF. I saw the show three times during it's prime time stint on ABC. However, when reruns hit the waves in the early 70's, I caught up quickly.

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Adam West and Burt Ward

The 1960's were truly the most creative era of television to date. Technology allowed TV to go places it had never gone before and all of the ideas were new and creative. They weren't allowed to use sex as their only 'tool', so they had to come up with innovative ideas. 'Batman' was one of those ideas that found instant success on the ABC Television Network in 1966.

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